Food Service Staff

DBS understands that the Back of House and Kitchen are the engines that drive a successful restaurant or event . Being short staffed in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster.  Our  Hospitality Staff consists of experienced Line Cooks and Sous Chefs that can be an asset to your operation.

DBS Hospitality is a company that can help prepare food, have our Banquet Servers serve the food, our Bussers clear the tables and take to the “dish-pit” area of the kitchen where our Kitchen Stewards (Dish Washers) clean and sanitize for the next usage. Call us to see how we can help supplement your kitchen staff to ensure the success of each service.

Interested in working as a DBS Hospitality Staff Member? Visit our careers page to su bmit an online application.


Services Include

Sous Chefs and Line Cooks provide safe practices for food preparation
Breakfast Bar Attendants for omelet, pancake/waffle stations
Meat carving stations
Additional kitchen staff for larger events or holidays

Other Hospitality Services

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