Hotel Houseman

Hotel Room Attendants rely heavily on the support of their Housemen to accomplish the efficient cleaning of rooms. DBS Housemen assure that your housekeeping staff have a steady flow of supplies, clean sheets and towels to help in the proficiency of room turning. Our Housemen assist with the stripping of beds to further increase efficiency in the preparing a hotel room. In short, Housemen impact how smoothly the housekeeping department runs.

Excellent customer service is in the small details. Hotel Housemen handle many of these often­ overlooked details that occur on a regular basis. Call us for more information on how we can supplement your Housekeeping Department with our quality hospitality staff.

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Services Include

Assist Hotel Room Attendants
Common Area cleaning including hallways, lobby's and elevators
Restocking of supply closets, Room Attendant carts
Miscellaneous Guest Services

Other Hospitality Services

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